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Welcome to Trekking Sarawak! Updated November 2004

Trekking Sarawak provides an introduction to jungle trekking in the Malaysian State of Sarawak, focussing primarily on established trails in national parks.  It is intended to provide informative and educational guides to jungle trekking trails.

This site sets out all you need to know about the range of treks available, what you need to do to prepare, getting to and from trekking locations, descriptions of the actual treks , and background information on the plants and animals you may meet.

Trekking Sarawak is not intended to cover all trails or trekking locations in Sarawak, and points you in the direction of various other treks and locations - to allow you to do some exploring of your own!

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This website was officially launched on 18 July 2003, by the Minister for Tourism Sarawak, Dato Sri Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg.
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> Mulu National Park
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> Bako National Park

Bako is your best chance at seeing some of Sarawak's amazing animals in the wild, plus a variety of pitcher plants, and most of Sarawak's forest types. Bako offers easy short boardwalks through to tough overnight hikes, all from an idyllic beach base near Kuching. The boat ride there is half the fun.

> Gunung Gading National Park

See the world's largest flower (the Rafflesia), and frolic under stunning crystal-clear waterfalls, surrounded by lush rainforest. Stick to the boardwalk for an introduction to the rainforest, or hike to the top of the mountain to camp for the night.

> Kubah National Park &
Matang Wildlife Centre

Kuching's best kept secret, Kubah/Matang has rainforest with massive trees, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and the richest concentration of palm species in the world. Kubah/Matang has an extensive trail network, and Matang has an excellent wildlife centre where you can see some of Sarawak's wildlife. All only 1/2 hour from Kuching.

> Lambir Hills National Park

Only 45 minutes from Miri, Lambir Hills has probably the richest rainforest in the world, and the trees are gargantuan. Trails range from an easy family walk to a picnic area next to a pretty waterfall, through to tough full day hikes up to peaks with spectacular views. A tree-tower offers a unique way to experience life in the canopy.

> Mulu National Park - Photos now available!

The jewel in the crown of Sarawak's national parks, World Heritage listed Mulu is also the largest by far. Here you can really have the true jungle experience, with multi-day treks up to the summit of Mt Mulu (second highest peak in Sarawak) or out along the Headhunter's Trail, finishing with a night in a longhouse. Mulu also has the largest caves in the world, and possibly also the longest cave system - still to be fully explored. They have to be seen to be believed.

> Niah National Park

Although small, Niah has a lot to offer. The caves are its main attraction - huge, and inhabited from 40,000 years ago. The human presence in Niah's caves continues today, with brave men climbing up impossibly high poles to collect the sought-after key ingredient for bird's nest soup, much as they have done for hundreds of years. The forest around is also unique, with a spectacular backdrop of limestone cliffs. One trail leads to the top for views out to the ocean.

> Santubong

This is a great but challenging day-walk to the top of stunning Gunung Santubong, which rises up out of the Damai peninsular, 1/2 hour drive from Kuching. The steep trail, involving numerous rope-ladder ascents, is rewarded by views along the coast in both directions, plus inland back to Kuching. A pretty waterfall offers a great way to cool off at the end.

> Tanjung Datu National Park

Perched on the far-western tip of Sarawak, Tanjung Datu is only accessible by boat. It has pristine rainforest and its gorgeous beaches are an important sea-turtle breeding ground. Accommodation is through a homestay program in a local Malay village, where fishing and pepper growing have been a way of life for generations. This makes visiting Tanjung Datu a real cultural experience as well.

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