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Flora & Fauna

These pages provide an introduction to the forest types in Sarawak, as well as some of the more interesting flora and fauna you may encounter while trekking. It is hoped that this basic introduction to the environment in which you trek will enable you to better appreciate Sarawak's unique and delicate nature.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sarawak's flora and fauna, the Further Information section can point you in the right direction.

Forest Types new!

An introduction to Sarawak's major forest types.

(These have all been added and are now functioning)

> Mixed Dipterocarp Forest
> Kerengas Forest
> Mangrove Forest
> Beach Forest
> Peatswamp Forest
> Riverine Forest
> Montane Forest
> Limestone Forest

See our tree lists for interesting facts about several hundred tree species in Sarawak:


It's the trees and other plants which make the rainforest. Here's an introduction to some of them.

(We have started with Aroids, and will try to add others later)

> Aroids new
> Nepenthes - photos
> Palms
> Ferns
> Legumes
> Figs
> Fruit Trees
> Gingers
> Dipterocarps
> Orchids
> Miscellaneous


Some of the furry creatures you might be lucky enough to encounter on the trail.

(We have started with primates, and will try to add others later. Check out the photos in the meantime.)

> Primates new
> Squirrels
> Bats
> Bearded Pig
> Flying Lemur
> Otters
> Deer
> Civets
> Sun Bear
> Wild Cats

Reptiles & Amphibia

Far from being disgusting and slimy, Sarawak has some beautiful frogs, cute lizards, and even attractive snakes. Check them out.

(We have not added any detailed information yet, but check out the photos in the meantime.)

You can also find information at the following websites:

Crocodiles & Turtles of Borneo

A Multimedia Guide to the Lizards of Borneo


Sarawak has some spectacular and unusual birds, and some great locations for seeing them - twitchers eat your hearts out!

We have not had a chance to add any detailed information about the birds of Sarawak. But there is extensive detail on the following websites:

Birds of Sarawak

Birds of Borneo

Insects & Invertebrates

These creepies and crawlies play a vital role in the environment, and come in an astonishing variety of colours shapes and sizes. Don't ignore them!

(We have not added any detailed information yet, but check out the photos in the meantime.)

> Termites
> Ants
> Millipedes
> Spiders
> Leeches
> Stick Insects
> Leaf Insects
> Moths & Butterflies
> Beetles
> Bees

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