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The authors are indebted to the assistance of numerous people who made this project possible. A full set of acknowledgements is almost impossible, given the number of people who have assisted and contributed to the website - everyone's contributions were (and still are) greatly appreciated.

The authors wish to thank the following people in particular:

  • His Excellency Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud and his staff, for support for the initial proposal.
  • The Honorable Minister for Tourism, Sarawak, Dato Sri Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg, for launching the website.
  • Mr Rambli Ahmad at the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, without whose ongoing support, dedication and hard work this project would not have been possible.
  • Mr Geoffrey Lee Alexander and other staff at the Sarawak Tourism Board for their assistance with logistics (and Mr Nazrieman bin Bujang for processing our cheques!).
  • Mr Simon Sandi and Mr Siali anak Aban, and Mr Ho Swee Soon at the Sarawak Forests Department for their assistance with maps, tree-lists, and introductions to park staff.
  • All the staff at all the National Parks we visited, including, Park Wardens Mr Augustine Lai (Lambir Hills), Mr Abang Abd. Mutalib (and our guide up Bukit Kasut Mr Zuhaili) (Niah), Mr Gad Sogod (Bako), Mr Md Irwan Abdullah (Gunung Gading), and Mr Greg Martindale, Deputy-Director at Mulu National Park.
  • Dr Hans Hazebroek for kindly agreeing to the use of his beautiful maps.
  • Mr Edward Mansell, for his input, enthusiasm, extensive notes on various national parks, and encyclopaedic knowledge.
  • Ismail Ballang Lingai, our wonderful Penan guide who took us up the Mulu Summit.
  • Dr Brian Lowry for his invaluable input on all matters botanical (and for being Minda's dad!).
  • The Earl of Cranbrook, for his interesting insights into Niah National Park, and for introducing us to the other members of the Niah archaeological team.
  • Dr Patrick Daly for assistance with the Niah chapter, insights into Tom Harrisson's life (and house), and for being our loud American friend.
  • The staff of Borneo Inbound Tours and Travel in Kuching and Seridan Mulu Tour & Travel Services in Miri.
  • Mr Gerald Goh and Mr Colin Lai Jack Khiong of Sarakraf, for kindly providing the tree-list for Santubong.
  • Mr Wayne Tarman and Mr Bruce Jeffries for their generous assistance and input on the initial proposal.
  • Mr Garry Brandah, for assistance translating trekking terms into Iban.
  • Mr & Mrs David and Pammy Evans, for their assistance and support.
  • The staff at the Tun Jugah Foundation for the use of their library and general kindness.
  • The staff at the Sarawak Museum Library for their assistance.
  • Family members in Kuching, for their direct support and input, including Charles and Betty Ingka, John and Garry Brandah and families, Mary Brandah Thomas and Sharyiati Wendy Brandah.
  • Mr James Sian and family for including us in the Gawai celebrations at Rumahs Mamut, Kelitang, Salu (and others) and providing us with a very special and unique introduction to Iban culture. (And thanks also to the residents of all those longouses for their hospitality in hosting us and sharing their tuak and cap lankau!)
  • Our families in Australia and elsewhere for their love and support.
About the Authors

Dr Minda Lowry, a New Zealand citizen, was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1973. Her mother's family is Iban from Kuching (originally from Lundu). Minda's father, Dr Brian Lowry, is an Australian scientist with the CSIRO (and was formerly a Lecturer at University of Malaya). Minda is an Australian-trained medical doctor, currently on a break from specialist training in Emergency Medicine. Minda has spent most of her life in the tropics (in Indonesia and Australia), which has fuelled her enthusiasm for tropical nature. She is a keen kayaker, camper, and trekker.
Tig Pocock was born in Saigon, Viet Nam in 1972. His father was an Australian diplomat, so he grew up all around the place (primarily Seoul, Moscow, and Paris). Tig is a lawyer who specialises in government and corporate advisory work, as well as biotechnology regulation and land laws. However, he also holds a Bachelor of Science, in which he majored in ecology and biotechnology. Tig is also a keen camper and trekker, but never really got the kayaking bug.