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Niah National Park

Trail Map

Niah NP
Intro Page
> Geology of the Caves
> Ecology of the Caves
> Archaeology & Prehistory
> Peoples, History & Cultures
Trail Map
Trek Descriptions
> Boardwalk to the Caves
> The Great Cave
> The Painted Cave
> Rumah Libau
> Bukit Kasut
Photo Gallery
Trekking Locations
> Bako NP
> Gunung Gading NP
> Kubah NP & Matang
> Lambir Hills NP
> Mulu NP
> Niah NP
> Santubong
> Tanjung Datu NP
Click on the trail you are interested in on the map above, or select the relevant link below.


1. Boardwalk to Great Cave

1a.Great Cave (not numbered on map)

2. Painted Cave

3. Rumah Libau (Chang)

4. Madu Trail

5. Bukit Kasut Trail